Mat Chat

Mat Chat is a video series where Barbara the founder of YOGAZ talks about things that can effect us each daily. We hope you find this series informative.

On today's Mat Chat Barbara, talks about what a mentor is and who her mentors are. I think you will be surprised who and what drives Barbara to do what she does. 

Today on Mat-Chat we are talking about something a little more light hearted then usual, but it is still really important to your health and mental health. Living Life and Having Fun.

I was asked by one of our viewers to do a video about "loneliness." This video is important for everyone even if you are not suffering from loneliness yourself, you may know someone that is. This video gives a little advice on what you can do to try and combat this often debilitating feeling. I hope you enjoy it and if you know someone that can use this video please pass it on.

Hey it's time for another YOGAZ Mat Chat. Today Barbara is talking about her secret to happiness and I must warn you she gets a little to excited and drops the F-BOMB!

Today on Mat Chat we are going to cover triggers as a follow up to our last video, "Energy Vampires." Do you have a trigger? Something or someone who really sets you off, gets you angry or ruins your day? Today Barbara talks about this and gives some frank recommendations.


This video about energy vampires is good for anyone who has ever had to deal with negativity and negative people. It has a great message for everyone.

Welcome to our first Mat Chat. Every month we hope to bring you a true story of someone who has practiced the YOGAZ balanced lifestyle and has changed their life. We hope to inspire you to live a more balanced life and in someway help you get there. As we have talked about Yoga is much more than an exercise routine, it is about living a balanced life. Shortly, we will begin posting videos about the different yoga poses but we felt it was necessary to point out that you need to be in the correct frame of mind or at least have a frame of reference before you begin. So without further ado, here is the first Mat Chat.