Tight Tights are out! YOGAZ are in!

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Our customers love YOGAZ so much they model for us on our website.

There is another option besides leggings, YOGAZ!

Are you tired of the tight tights? Well thousands of our customers have told us they were, and Barbara Pelton, the Founder of YOGAZ was too. She couldn't find anything that fit the way she wanted. So she designed YOGAZ. She wanted something in between leggings(too tight) and Harem pants, (Too loose). YOGAZ are just right, the perfect fit, not too loose, not too tight but just right.

How did YOGAZ come to be?

A trip to thailand, a pandemic and a hurricane have led to what's sure to be one of the most iconic clothing lines ever invented. Watch our video and learn about Barbara's story from Mental Health Practitioner to Clothing Entrepreneur and why customers love YOGAZ! To learn more about our story read the article about us in Business Insider Magazine.


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    YOGAZ Supports the Matlacha Hookers, a 501c3 charitable organization making a difference for those less fortunate in their communities.


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Common Questions about YOGAZ

What if it doesn't fit?

Because all fabrics fit differently make sure you use our "Size Quiz", to ensure the correct size for you. But one thing we can guarantee is your going to love how comfortable it is or your money back!

Any Special Washing Instructions?

All our fabric is easy wash and dry no special care. We have personally washed our clothing hundreds of times and they still look like now after 3 years. Quality Fabric, Quality stitching and we stand behind our products.

What is your return policy?

If you are not happy with your product for any reason. send it back for a full refund.

I don't want them loose like Harem Pants and I don't want them to tight like leggings, how do they run.

Yogaz are not tight, and they are not loose, the are YOGAZ. The perfect fit, a hybrid of, leggings, and yoga pants they are a new style of pants called, “YOGAZ”.


What is YOGAZ?

YOGAZ are an all new trend setting style of active wear created by Barbara Pelton. Watch our video to see the incredible story of Barbara's journey from Mental Health Professional to Clothing Designer.

Where do you ship?

As of now we ship only in the United States but stay tuned!

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is free on orders over $50.00

You have a lot of these in stock don't you?

YOGAZ right now is made up of a 2 man team, Barbara, and Buck Pelton. We try to keep things in stock but there is a limited quantity. We might eventually get more in, but? So if you really want something we suggest getting it while the gettin's good.