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Our Customers Love YOGAZ SOOO Much, They Actually Model For Us

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  • YOGAZ Signature Pocket in Pocket Design

    Protect your phone face from your keys with our signature double pockets that separate your phone from your keys and glasses. Any way you look at it 2 pockets on each side of your YOGAZ is better than 1.

  • YOGAZ Tummy Control Waist Elephant YOGAZ

    Tummy Control Front Waist

    Our unique tummy control front waist is designed to give you extra comfort and flexibility. This makes our pants ideal for hospital recoveries, exercise, or sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie.

  • Half Elastic Back Waist

    Our half elastic back gives you the support you need while maintaining the comfort of the Tummy Control Front. This unique combination design keeps you comfortable all day long.

  • Large Elastic Cuff Design

    Our larger cuff design won't cut off you circulation and also gives you the flexibility to hike up YOGAZ like a Capri. Wear them to work out in the morning and dress them up to go out to lunch in the afternoon and cocktails later.

  • Matching Shorts Under the Skirt

    YOGAZ has gone the extra mile and put matching shorts under our skorts, not just the usual black and while.

  • Large Skort Waistband Belt

    All Skorts have an extra wide waist band so they can be rolled down and used like a belt so you can wear them lower or higher.

  • Double reinforced Stitching

    YOGAZ uses double stitching on all clothing to provide years of durability. Most clothing is single stitch and doesn't last near as long as YOGAZ

  • Self Teaching Yoga Mats

    Our Self-Teaching YOGA mat is the first of it's kind anywhere. Pictures of the positions are printed on the mat. Then you match the picture to the picture on our youtube channel and teach yourself yoga. Put on some YOGAZ and you can learn yoga in comfort.

    Self Teaching Yogaz Mats 

Don't forget to order your matching headband or visor with your print YOGAZ, skorts or shorts. They are super comfy and make a great accent to your new YOGAZ.

  • Proud Sponsor of The Beacon Of Hope

    Barbara, the founder of YOGAZ spent years in the mental health field helping the homeless and those with mental health issues. It seemed only natural to help support the Beacon Of Hope who help the homeless and those with mental health issues.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, return it for a full refund.

  • Check out all of our 5 Star Reviews!

    We love our customers and they love us back. Check out what they have to say in the reviews.

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